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Untitled 1
by Amy Bennett
NO! pms,- you do not get to post insane things to facebook, call people at 4 am and ruin my life, just because you have more hormones than a pack of raging, wild, rabid, hungry she- beasts. NO I will not fuel your fire with salt, chocolate, alcohol, or especially caffeine. tie me to the masts, its g
It is here again – the unwanted guest
by Julia Robinson
I: Between Moons. Protected by layers of university papers I am a woman emasculated by blue cowboy jeans that stride into the world: a mental smoke screen disguising the stranglehold of an invisible western burka that leaves any femininity out in the cold. II: The Unwanted Guest. That bitch is here
Wolf howls to the ovulating moon
by Julia Robinson
Cry bitch cry you fucking loser sobbing over split milk believing in the power of love. How does it help you now, you fucked up wall flower, how does it help you now? Break through your stinking innocence meet the bitch you really are drunk on the power of your dark sting your own pretense as you da
The full moon means ovulation
by Julia Robinson
Alone imprisoned behind invisible glass. I am ship wrecked floating flotsam in the torment of waves threatening to drown me in harsh edged tears. Head temporarily above water I gulp for air, while others outside calmly continue unable to throw a rope. The day looms crashing against viagra female ger