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Dragon Lady
by Amanda Ginsburg
She’s been pushed to the brinks A whipped beating here, a degrading insult there The fire rumbled in her belly With anger and fury… Stay out of her way! Oh yes her lashing out Once she stands up for herself Will break your trust But the disrespect towards her Has broken her trust in yo
The Male Paradigm
by Joshua C. Robinson
At six years old, I thought boys and girls were the same. At seven, I noticed some of my classmates wore dresses. Eight, a girl kissed me on the cheek it was gross. 9, my mom said, we know who's really in charge, and she laughed. Ten years old, I had my first crush, her last name was Jackson, and I
by Connie Koprowicz
I tried to hold my sanity In my hands But it ran between by fingers like Melted butter Leaving slippery grease on my half-hearted grip grown weak from arm wrestling and cradling babies old enough to walk. So I let that sanity jello slosh! Jello soup sanity in a skull-shaped Tupperware contai
Point of inflection
by Julia Robinson
drowning in surges of hormonal waves bomb thoughts of death explode by the kettle; as I sip sickly sweet tea my mind tortures me images of burning at the stake. Do other women go through this? I collapse in bed unable to stop howling to the stars veiled by the glare of the sun;