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Date - June 27, 2014     By Amy Bennett

NO! pms,- you do not get to post insane things to facebook, call people at 4 am and ruin my life, just because you have more hormones than a pack of raging, wild, rabid, hungry she- beasts. NO I will not fuel your fire with salt, chocolate, alcohol, or especially caffeine. tie me to the masts, its going to be a storm. If all goes well, I’ll be fine and no one will know any thing is up. as long as I dont take any advice from my friends the( beautiful) wicked sea- sirens who are in the same phase of the moon I’m in. all will be well. Started the day off with crying, anger, back to crying then both at the same time- also I think I have enough adrenalin to , well just tie me to a tree or some thing so we don’t find out.

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