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The Birth of the Book

It was like a hurricane was in my womb. Every period was a couple of weeks of hysteria. I went to the Gynecologist 3 times hoping that Birth Control Pills would alleviate my terrifying hormones. Nothing was working. Finally after several visits, the doctor looked at me point blank and said, “You need to treat these symptoms as an art form, not a science.”

Five Months later I enrolled into Art school and then later transferred to the Theater department. There I wrote poetry and performed the pieces. After a great catharsis and several performances later, my PMS Symptoms have been more balanced and less frightening. I can now work, go to school and even play and feel somewhat normal. After graduating, I thought, this could help a lot of women. I realized after writing the poem that once I communicated my suffering, the grace came and some of the symptoms went away. It made me realize that we all have something to be heard or seen in order to be free. That is why the project is called The Language of PMS.

-Amanda Ginsburg, Artistic Director