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Point of inflection

Date - August 18, 2014     By Julia Robinson

in surges
of hormonal waves
bomb thoughts of death
by the kettle;
as I sip sickly sweet tea
my mind tortures me
images of burning
at the stake.

Do other women
go through this?

I collapse in bed unable
to stop howling
to the stars
veiled by the glare
of the sun;
unaware of reason
for this bellowing pain.

Pretending herodom
I actually try
to lift my head.
Leaving behind
a tear stained pillow
I stumble
around cruel ideas
out of the room,
from this floor
where my feet ambulate
and head into the woods.

Another’s pace
is walking me
vertigo slow
I am half blind
stuck between worlds;
A heave stops me
my breath shallow, fast
too close to…
in the emergency
my hand moves to my head
I tap
tap tap tap
on the sensitive
body soul points
i tap
thinking behind the
waterfall before my eyes
‘what’s the point?’
but its enormity
shimmers behind the shadows
a shaft of light
shining through the dark:
this is the heroic beginning
the hardest point of all:
a first tiny gesture of peace
even as the bombs continue to explode.

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