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PMS and Empowerment

Date - September 29, 2014     By Amanda Ginsburg

PMS can be empowering. Symptoms can also be degraded and disrespected. Therefore, women really need to take good care of themselves this time of month. Getting lots of rest, take B vitamins, cut back on sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol and red meat is all very important, but also getting intense emotions out on paper, sculpted, painted…even scribbled. By taking care of ourselves, we get at least our self-respect back and the rewards are even more empowering. The work world has been hard on women on their periods, relationships are hard on women on their periods, socializing is hard on women on their periods! We’re hard on each other and we’re hard on ourselves. Generally, PMS is a hard thing to deal with. We have to find ways to have a strong core to support ourselves. The Language of PMS project wants to help with all this and give women a break that is very well deserved. We want women to feel strong, to feel stable, to feel balanced, and to feel free.

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