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The Male Paradigm

Date - November 11, 2014     By Joshua C. Robinson

At six years old, I thought boys and girls were the same.

At seven, I noticed some of my classmates wore dresses.

Eight, a girl kissed me on the cheek it was gross.

9, my mom said, we know who’s really in charge, and she laughed.

Ten years old, I had my first crush, her last name was Jackson, and I wanted to swim with


Around my 11th birthday we had sex Ed at school, the boys were taught to respect women



room, and the girls told us they received maxi pads from Ms. Slipke.

6th grade, I went to a Christian Academy for a year that didn’t believe in Sex Ed.

7th grade, I would have my first girlfriend this year, and she would stick her tongue down my

throat when we first kissed.

8th, Ali Katz told me what a period really was, but I was still confused.

Ninth, high school, I wanted to kiss every girl I saw.

Sophomore year, I wanted to kiss one girl, forever.

Junior year, we almost broke up a lot, then she’d apologize and say it was her period’s fault.


kinda made sense.

Seniors, we broke up, she was enraged, sad, still in love, I knew enough to apologize and


to kiss her.

College Year 1, in an open long distance relationship, AKA a mistake.

College Year 2, in a committed long distace relationship, AKA very difficult, too difficult


College Year 3, mistake. Mistake. Mistake.

College Year 4, mistake, sadness, cruelty, mistake, hospitals.

College Year 5, we both almost died. No period.

Year 1, deeply respecting women, but they are creeped out by me. No sex.

Year 2, reading a lot of feminist poetry, it’s better than most poetry.

Year 3, moved to a city, women are just people again. Some of them wear dresses. One of


is miraculous.

Year 4, falling in love, real, difficult, wonderful love.

We talk about her period casually. Year 5, we live in a massive city. We talk about her

period casually. I still don’t fully understand,because that’s impossible. That’s okay. And, I

love her. Period.

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