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Love Yourself… Now.

Date - October 13, 2014     By Amanda Ginsburg

During this time around, I have either felt like or been made to feel like I’m stupid on my period. I made a mistake, said something wrong, miscommunicated something, or whatever. Yet I have noticed a pattern in how society treats a woman PMS’ing or on their period. I’ve experienced hyper criticism, mean spirits, even hatred. Either it’s an honest mistake or the person dishing out these vibes feels that way about themselves, who knows. With all of this we can get pretty down on ourselves. But I do think that this time of month we particularly need to give ourselves love and compassion or surround ourselves with those who understand, because the world around us won’t, even other women… Some people have never experienced PMS. Some people have never experienced a period. Some people have completely forgotten what it’s like to be in their menstrual cycles ether due to a hysterectomy or Menopause. Some women forget what it’s like to have symptoms of their period until their next monthly cycle! We have to love and have compassion for ourselves. Instead of making yourself feel small by saying that your I.Q. drops this time of month, take some time to tell yourself how proud you are of your accomplishments, tell yourself how far you’ve come in life, tell yourself, “ I Love You, “ because the mistakes will come, the ridicule will come, the humiliation will come. Use your self-love to stand up for yourself in constructive ways. The Language of PMS Project wants to help you love yourself by channeling it into productive, constructive ways so you don’t get self-destructive with all the negativity and harshness surrounding you or feelings within you.

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