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Female Bullying and our Hormones: How the Language of PMS can help

Date - February 24, 2015     By Amanda Ginsburg

PMS can be provoked by many things. This is a time of cleansing of the female energy. Whether this energy is of the women in the family, random strangers, toxic thoughts, female bullies, energy at the mall, etc., this is a time of reflection on all of it as well as a time of freedom.

Through this great cleansing, some of us have experienced female bullying from others and within ourselves. Hormones indeed can pull out the worst in us. Thus, toxic behaviors from one woman to another can be those of back stabbing, gossip, cattiness, and volatility like no other. As within us we can talk ourselves down, apologize for no reason, degrade who we really are, and be our own anti- thesis. Our hormones can be self-destructive and the ruin of great, sound relationships. We as a female species can be our own worst enemies.

The Language of PMS Project wants to change all this for the better by watering down the emotions and hormones through art and writing about this time of month. We want it right…proactively; getting away from dissensions and instead building relationships that are strong, sustained, and valued.

I hope this inspires us to create, talk and clear away our political agendas towards one another for a good, healthy support system for each other. May we give ourselves a second chance, forgive ourselves, and meet the ultimate agenda… freedom and peace for all so we can meet our fullest potential!

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