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Category Archives: Poems

Wolf howls to the ovulating moon

Date - May 12, 2014     By Julia Robinson

Cry bitch cry you fucking loser

sobbing over split milk

believing in the power of love.

How does it help you now,

you fucked up wall flower,

how does it help you now?

Break through your stinking innocence

meet the bitch you really are

drunk on the power of your dark sting

your own pretense

as you dance like a flower

your vibrant colours

stealing from passing low-lives

as you all the buzz

manipulate them with cruel talent

into pollinating your animal desires.

in your weakness

as you believe

so they will

all petal like and

sickly sweet


The full moon means ovulation

Date - May 12, 2014     By Julia Robinson


imprisoned behind

invisible glass.

I am ship wrecked

floating flotsam

in the torment of waves

threatening to drown me

in harsh edged tears.

Head temporarily

above water

I gulp for air,

while others outside

calmly continue

unable to throw a rope.

The day looms

crashing against

my fragile shore.

Out of ovulation

Date - May 12, 2014     By Julia Robinson

The colours have returned

flooding into the world;

the leaves are green again,

not grey,

the petals on

the leaves

dance their beauty

tickled by halos of sun.

There is no dull drizzle now.

I can feel again,

I am me again.

Protected once more

By the metaphor

that yesterday seemed

nothing but a false

mantle over

the basement reality

of instinctual horror.

Alive again,

I breathe in with gusto

the delicacy of love.

Cycle Through Life

Date - May 11, 2014     By Anita Lonergan

Cycle Through Life

Cycles start, moods change, life proceeds, paces

quicken, pregnancies alter the flow, dread

the 7 day ordeal, not bad the two day

patter, then…

Cycles, moods, life frazzle.

The beginning of the end, took 9


Years to complete.

Freedom, further body changes.

Release the inner Crone. Glory, hold

Your head high. Relish…


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