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Category Archives: Art

My Inner Chicana

Date - June 11, 2014     By Anita Lonergan

The mural came about, because I wanted to cover up the white wall of my neighbors garage that makes up part of our shared fence line. I thought of what I’d like to paint for 5 years before I finally asked for permission and two more to paint the first rendition. The original had the figure covered by pumpkin leaves. I removed the leaves and made her more lifelike. She continues to grace my backyard.

A Woman in Pain

Date - May 11, 2014     By Cheryl Ginsburg

The pain starts the first time you bleed and then with again with the first penetration and on to the first child and when it goes wrong and you lose the second child… The third pregnancy is good but the doctor says “no more”. The physical pain goes away and you no longer bleed but

now the pain is in your heart… Because your a woman.. A Woman in Pain.

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