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Blog 1

Date - June 26, 2014     By Amanda Ginsburg

As I worried about keeping my job while I was going through PMS the other day, I asked my husband, “Wouldn’t it be nice if women got some paid time off while going through PMS or their periods?” He said, “Yes, of course! Even if it’s just for a couple of days.” I meet so many women that

The Red (Velvet) Carpet

Date - June 11, 2014     By Dana McDole

I had been anticipating my daughter’s first period for about a year. A few women – older than me – smugly warned me that the “change” was about to happen...they saw the signs. “It is usually 6-8 months after she needs a training bra.” Well, that is the polite way to say it. A neighbor

My Inner Chicana

Date - June 11, 2014     By Anita Lonergan

The mural came about, because I wanted to cover up the white wall of my neighbors garage that makes up part of our shared fence line. I thought of what I'd like to paint for 5 years before I finally asked for permission and two more to paint the first rendition. The original had the figure covered b

It is here again – the unwanted guest

Date - June 11, 2014     By Julia Robinson

I: Between Moons. Protected by layers of university papers I am a woman emasculated by blue cowboy jeans that stride into the world: a mental smoke screen disguising the stranglehold of an invisible western burka that leaves any femininity out in the cold. II: The Unwanted Guest. That bitch is here