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Working in the Village

Date - July 1, 2014     By Amanda Ginsburg

Fire me! Fire Me! Just go ahead and Fire Me! Cigarette burns like pillaged villages and I am screaming. Blood pours between my legs like hot iron being casted into knives and swords. I Quit! I Quit! I'll go ahead and Quit! For these fireball hormones and these war zones only want t


Date - July 1, 2014     By Julia Robinson

Bang! Here again my beautiful walls reduced to the sheerness of falling curtains of tears, safety lost as flies become monsters buzzing in my shadow. All I withstood as the month flew by comes up through me hounding my nerves into the desperateness of a fox too exhausted to run any more

Untitled 2

Date - June 27, 2014     By Amy Bennett

you heal, give presents and presence to your self. Be extra kind to your body and your heart. They don't have thoughts or words of their own, just feelings and emotions. I like to take candle lit bubble baths and plan early bed times and buy generic viagra online from indiabuying tadalafil online ph

Untitled 1

Date - June 27, 2014     By Amy Bennett

NO! pms,- you do not get to post insane things to facebook, call people at 4 am and ruin my life, just because you have more hormones than a pack of raging, wild, rabid, hungry she- beasts. NO I will not fuel your fire with salt, chocolate, alcohol, or especially caffeine. tie me to the masts, its g