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Female Bullying and our Hormones: How the Language of PMS can help

Date - February 24, 2015     By Amanda Ginsburg

PMS can be provoked by many things. This is a time of cleansing of the female energy. Whether this energy is of the women in the family, random strangers, toxic thoughts, female bullies, energy at the mall, etc., this is a time of reflection on all of it as well as a time of freedom. Through this

Dragon Lady

Date - December 22, 2014     By Amanda Ginsburg

She’s been pushed to the brinks A whipped beating here, a degrading insult there The fire rumbled in her belly With anger and fury… Stay out of her way! Oh yes her lashing out Once she stands up for herself Will break your trust But the disrespect towards her Has broken her trust in yo

The Male Paradigm

Date - November 11, 2014     By Joshua C. Robinson

At six years old, I thought boys and girls were the same. At seven, I noticed some of my classmates wore dresses. Eight, a girl kissed me on the cheek it was gross. 9, my mom said, we know who's really in charge, and she laughed. Ten years old, I had my first crush, her last name was Jackson, and I

Love Yourself… Now.

Date - October 13, 2014     By Amanda Ginsburg

During this time around, I have either felt like or been made to feel like I’m stupid on my period. I made a mistake, said something wrong, miscommunicated something, or whatever. Yet I have noticed a pattern in how society treats a woman PMS'ing or on their period. I’ve experienced hyper critic