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Date - June 26, 2014     By Amanda Ginsburg

As I worried about keeping my job while I was going through PMS the other day, I asked my husband, “Wouldn’t it be nice if women got some paid time off while going through PMS or their periods?” He said, “Yes, of course! Even if it’s just for a couple of days.” I meet so many women that just want to up and quit just about everything during their time of month. Their periods are a time of great melt down and rapid change making them ask themselves,” What just happened? I actually quit my job???” This is especially amongst women with PMDD where paranoia and anxiety runs high, where women will literally walk off jobs in fear. This is so unnecessary. It makes me wonder what you all think. With Obama passing laws that women will have equal pay

as men, should he also pass a law for job security for women going through their cycles? With a couple of paid days off a month to keep life together?

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