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My Inner Chicana

Date - June 11, 2014     By Anita Lonergan

The mural came about, because I wanted to cover up the white wall of my neighbors garage that makes up part of our shared fence line. I thought of what I’d like to paint for 5 years before I finally asked for permission and two more to paint the first rendition. The original had the figure covered by pumpkin leaves. I removed the leaves and made her more lifelike. She continues to grace my backyard.

Cycle Through Life

Date - May 11, 2014     By Anita Lonergan

Cycle Through Life

Cycles start, moods change, life proceeds, paces

quicken, pregnancies alter the flow, dread

the 7 day ordeal, not bad the two day

patter, then…

Cycles, moods, life frazzle.

The beginning of the end, took 9


Years to complete.

Freedom, further body changes.

Release the inner Crone. Glory, hold

Your head high. Relish…