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Knowledge is power. Reading up on PMS symptoms will not only create mind over matter, but also lets you know that there are many professionals who's mission is to support you during this time of month.

Suffering from PMS? Chow Down on B Vitamins
By Leslie Beck

Treating PMS Symptoms With Natural Progesterone
Dr. Phil Interview:

Evening Primrose Oil Reduces PMS Pain and Increases Fertility

Cure for PMS
by the staff at Tao of Wellness

Mood Swings? It might be more than PMS...
The most commonly prescribed combined contraceptive pill has a potential side-effect that more women- and GP's- Should know about, by Alice Roberts

Honoring Men's "Moon-Cycles"
by Shiva Rea

Men get hormonal too
by metrowebukmetro

Is PMS a Myth?
by Maia Szalavitz

Cigarette Smoking and the Development of Premenstrual Syndrome
by Elizabeth R. Bertone-Johnson, Susan E. Hankinson, Susan R. Johnson, and JoAnn E. Manson.

The Role of Sexual Abuse and PMDD
by Dr. David R. Rubinow, M.D.

Early Life Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse and the Development of Premenstrual Syndrome: A Longitudinal Study
by Elizabeth R. Bertone-Johnson, ScD,1 Brian W. Whitcomb, PhD,1 Stacey A. Missmer, ScD,2,,3,,4 JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH,2,,4,,5 Susan E. Hankinson, ScD,1,,2,,4 and Janet W. Rich-Edwards, ScD2,,4,,6

Tree Change Dolls

It's Not Just PMS!

Should You Get Paid Time Off for PMS?
by Casey Gueren

13 Thoughts Every Woman Has During Her Period
by Casey Gueren

Underwear ads for women on their period are too racy for the subway: MTA

Creativity, Intuition and PMS
by Nancy Brady.

The Optimized Woman- A female approach for solving writer's blocks.

This Woman is Using Her Own Period Blood to Create Beautiful Photographs
by Artist Jen Lewis.

Another Article about Jen Lewis Photographs, "Beauty in Blood".

Artist Paints Canvas with Her Own Menstrual Blood.

by Vanessa Tiegs.

This Photo Was Removed By Instagram. The Owner Writes A Powerful Open Letter In Response.

A Woman Ran the London Marathon, Bleeding Freely Without a Tampon> Here's Her Experience.

Cognitive Therapy helps treat PMS or PMDD just as much as an Anti- Depressant would.

Is PMS a good thing?
This article gives a cheer for PMS helping women be extremely alert of their surroundings.

Massage Therapy can help alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, and depression during this time of month.

Why we crave chocolate during PMS.

21 Women Explain What Having Your Period Feels Like.

PMS and Motherhood by Deborah Cruz
A good rant about the subject.